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Stress Management

Stress Management

Whitburn Academy asked CLD Youth services to assist pupils in Stress management.  This input was requested for S4, S5 and S6 pupils. The session covers what is stress, how does it affect us and how we manage and cope in real life situations. Out of the 337 pupils who took part in the input most said that it was beneficial and that they learned new ways to cope with stress and that they enjoyed the engagement during the presentation with practical examples. The pupils were also given a leaflet to refer to when needed for themselves or when they identify stress in others they have the knowledge to support the individual.   A copy of this leaflet can be downloaded from the SQA Exams page on the School Website.  This input covered health and wellbeing codes and followed our national youth work outcomes; 1. Young people are confident, resilient and optimistic for the future and 5. Young people consider risk, make reasoned decisions and take control. Young people took part in a baseline survey mapping their development within the input and offered post it notes with comments on what you have learned today and what you have enjoyed about the presentation.  The full report can be obtained from CLD Youth Services Schools Practitioners Group team.


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