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Cooking Charges For Home Economics and Hospitality

Cooking Charges For Home Economics and Hospitality

The charges for each year group in the Home Economics Department are listed below:

Pupils will be expected to have paid their Home Economics money for the year by Friday 14th October 2016:

The charges for the year will be as follows:

  • S1 = £16
  • S2 = £16
  • S3 = £20
  • S4 = £30
  • S5 and S6 = £30
  • Creative Cakes class = £50 (plus cost of final exam cake ≈ £15)

These charges are based on the number of times each of the classes will be cooking, and the complexity of the dishes involved. The charges are comparable with charges made by other secondary schools. Pupils who receive free school meals will not be charged.

Pupils who have not paid their money by Friday 14th October 2016 will not be permitted to take part in practical lessons until payments have been settled. For S4 to S6 pupils this could have a serious effect on their final grade and in extreme circumstances withdrawal from the final exam and the course. Pupils can pay small weekly amounts if this is more convenient however the full amount for the year should be settled by the October deadline.

Please be aware that pupils who do not conduct themselves or behave in the proper manner in the Home Economics classroom may not be allowed to cook even if they have paid their money. This is because the ingredients have already been purchased by the school.

If you have any concerns or questions about this charge then contact:

Mr Bulloch (PTC Science)

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