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Educational Benefits

Educational Benefits

West Lothian Council have issued information on the Educational Benefits available to Parents and Carers, the way the Council inform parents and carers of these benefits is changing.

School Clothing Grants & Free School Meals

A text message will be sent to all parents via Group Call making them aware of these benefits and advising them that as from 1st June forms will be sent home with pupils.  West Lothian Council will no longer be posting renewal invitations to parents.     A form will be handed out to each pupil.  If there is more than one child from a family in the school, then the form will be given the older child. 

 An electronic copy of the application form will be available at from 1st June.

 Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA)

A text message to all parents will be sent via Group Call making them aware that from June forms will be available at the School Office for collection by Pupils.  For the 2016/2017 academic year, students born between 1st March 1997 and 28th February 2001 will be able to apply provided their household income is under threshold. 

 An electronic version of the application form will be available from the Council website at from 1st June. 

 Income thresholds

The eligibility criteria for all of these benefits has not changed, but the Scottish Government may have to address any issue associated with the new Universal Credit, so should the need arise, we may need to issue an update for parents.

 Why are we making these changes?

The changes we are making are to alert all parents in support of our Anti-Poverty Strategy, and we would like to be assured that every parents is aware of these benefits.

 If you require more details on Educational Benefits, please contact West Lothian Council for further information.  Their website is

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