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Scholar Revision and Grade Improver

Scholar Revision and Grade Improver

Scholar is a valuable – and free to use- resource which will help you to consolidate your previous learning, offer you useful revision strategies and allow you to practise assessments.

Your teacher can use the Scholar reporting facility to tailor their future help to you.

Make the most of Scholar by using it as part of your mix of study / revision activities.

Even if you haven’t been in the habit of using Scholar for your coursework so far, then make sure that you have a note of your user name and password. You will find Scholar helpful in your revision.

By using your own username (your SCN) and password you will gain access to many of the features in Scholar.

These include the Web pages, Revision planner, Interactive activities, Glossary, and recordings of revision webcasts (for maths, Computing and Modern Languages).  Most Scholar courses have .pdf Study guides (electronic copies of the website text) which you can obtain from your teacher.

You can access Scholar by clicking on the following link: A guide to using Scholar and an Information booklet for Parents can be found on our SQA Exams page of the School Website.

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